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Houston, TX - Maury St. Sewer Bypass


PUMPS: Seven, 12" submersible pumps

MGD: 45



Midas Flow Control designed a system to bypass the flow of a 132” sanitary sewer, over 600 ft. in length, to allow the contractor access to the line for a complete rehabilitation. A small land bridge was also constructed to allow children from the neighborhood to safely walk to and from their school, which was located on the opposite side of the sewer line under repair.


The bypass system consisted of seven 18” HDPE lines running approximately 600’ each.





City of Houston, TX - N. Braeswood Ave. Sewer Bypass


TOTAL LF: 17,000' (Four 18" HDPE lines at 4,250' ea.)

PUMPS: Three 14" Pumps, Two 12" Pumps

MGD: 39



A 72" OD force main sewer was undergoing major repairs and rehabilitation. The line was taken out of service for three months. The force main ran through heavy residential neighborhoods, and business sections -- impacting several thousand people. It also ran beneath two major intersections and ran parallel with a bayou.


MIDAS Flow Control (MFC) designed and constructed a bypass system consisting of four 4,250' (totaling 17,000') 18" HDPE discharge lines. MFC constructed a system that  ran beneath the major intersections (allowing the streets, sidewalks and pathways to remain open), and did not impede any on of the City's flood control waterways.


Additionally, the pumps were strategically placed away from the street, and the suction lines, (placed in manholes located in the middle of the street) were trenched beneath a small section of N. Braeswood Ave. to allow the street to remain open.





N. Braeswood Ave. Sewer Bypass: Aerial Views


Suitland, MD - Task 20 Suitland Rd. - Sewer Bypass


TOTAL LF: 2,000' (Two 1,000' discharge lines)

PUMPS: Three 8" S/A Pumps

MGD: 5.76 - 11.52 (4-6 gal/min)


The scheduled rehabilitation of manholes and relining of the mainline sewer called for the bypass system. Set-up took only five days in an area with extremely limited access.



Fort Washington, MD - Emergency Raw Sewage Spill Control


TOTAL LF: 500'

PUMPS: Two 4" S/A Diesel Pumps, One 2" Gasoline Back-up Pump

MGD: 2


Client discovered an unearthed broken sewer main that was leaking into a nearby creek. Located in a residential area, the MFC Team was on site, assessed the situation, and had pumps operating within a few hours of the initial call.




Suitland, MD - Woodland Road Crossing



PUMPS: Three 6" S/A Diesel Pumps

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: 24' Double Wide Road Ramp

MGD: 2-4



Part of scheduled sewer relining and manhole rehab, a section of the line had to be bypassed beneath a main road. MFC dug a 30' long trench across the road, and buried the bypass piling, then covered the road with a ramp to allow traffic to continue to flow during the operation.




Georgetown University - Kehoe Interim Bypass


TOTAL LF: 500'

PUMPS: Two 6" S/A Diesel Pumps

PUMP DIAMETER(S): 8" (Layflat)

GPM: 12,118 at Peak Flow



Due to an issue with the client's current stormwater drain system, they were experiencing flooding and water damage to one of the hospital buildings on site. MFC set up an emergency bypass system capable of handling the water runoff in the immediate area and diverted it with a second bypass system to another section of the stormwater system capable of handling the additional runoff. To keep a pedestrian crosswalk accessible, MFC installed a blacktop ramp over a section of HDPE pipe that ran across a sidewalk... creating a custom ramp to fit the customers specific needs.




Temple Hills, MD - Henson Drive Bypass


TOTAL LF: 2,550'

PUMPS: Four 8" S/A Diesel Pumps, Four 8" x Two 18" Manifolds with Gate Valves


MGD: 8

SET-UP TIME: Five Days


Scheduled maintenance of 33" and 27" sewer mains, plus CIPP and manhole relining, was going to take these lines out of service. Dealing with large lines with a substantial amount of flow both bypasses are often required to run simultaneously per the customers work requirements. We utilized our low impact installation system to minimize any impact to the protected lands and crossed waterways.




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