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Pipe Bursting

Cost-effective, trenchless alternative to complete pipe replacement. MIDAS Utilities provides pipe bursting services as a better alternative to traditional... Read More

Sewer Bypass FAQ’s

Knowing that, MIDAS Flow Control has assembled a list of key questions and answers to help you better understand... Read More

CC/TV Inspection & Cleaning

Do You Know the “True” Condition of Your Pipes? As part of your preventative maintenance program or prior to... Read More

Trenchless Solutions

Our staff is well-trained and strictly committed to identifying, cleaning, assessing and repairing sewer infrastructure. We work in conjunction... Read More

Flow Control

MIDAS Flow Control’s experienced bypass system designers and operators eliminate the hassle of dealing with pump rental companies. How... Read More


Core Services Offered in the Northeastern United States Pipe Bursting Pipe Bursting is one of the most cost-effective forms... Read More

About the Midas Companies

History For more than five decades, MIDAS Utilities served the Mid-Atlantic region by offering a full range of utility... Read More