Flow Control

MIDAS Flow Control’s experienced bypass system designers and operators eliminate the hassle of dealing with pump rental companies.

How We Work

The design stage is what sets MIDAS Flow Control (MFC) apart from traditional pump rental companies. MFC will first provide a comprehensive design and cost proposal to build and operate your system. This proposal includes critical estimates and calculations of the system’s operation and pump flows. MFC will also be responsible for any adjustments or modifications if necessary. MIDAS Flow Control provides on-site pump supervisors 24/7. This ensures the pumps never fail, bypass lines won’t leak and sewer plugs perform as specified. MFC will also ensure all areas are safe and will oversee the set-up of proper safety and detour signage.

Project Estimates and Fees

Unless there is a change in the project’s scope, MFC will abide by its original
bid. We do not believe in presenting our customers with additional “hidden”
costs after the project has commenced.

MIDAS Flow Control is strictly dedicated to the discipline of pumping, bypassing, and dewatering operations.