Pipe Bursting

Cost-effective, trenchless alternative to complete pipe replacement.

MIDAS Utilities provides pipe bursting services as a better alternative
to traditional “dig and replace” methods. MIDAS uses only timetested
and proven pipe bursting technology to ensure the project is
completed with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

MIDAS recommends trenchless pipe bursting when the host pipe’s
structural integrity has been severely compromised or when the demands
on the system are greater than the host pipe’s current flow capacity.

Typical Applications

MIDAS Utilities pipe bursting capabilities include the trenchless
replacement of the following:

  • Non-reinforced concrete
  • Ductile iron
  • PVC
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Clay

Pipe Bursting Performance Advantages

  • Can replace pipe from 4” – 54” diameter
  • Trenchless solution that requires only one point of entry and exit
  • Can upsize water, stormwater and sewer pipes for increased capacity
  • New pipe manufactured from HDPE for 50-year design life
  • Fusible HDPE pipe joints ensure replacement pipe is leak free


Classification Depth of Pipe Existing Pipe Diameter New Pipe Diameter Options Burst Length
A – Routine < 12 ft 4″ – 12″ Size for size to 1 up size 0 – 3 ft.
B – Challenging to moderately difficult > 12 ft. < 18 ft 12″ – 20″ 2 up size 350 – 450 ft
C – Difficult to extremely difficult > 18 ft. 20″ – 36″ 3 or more up sizes > 450 ft.


Post Installation Inspection

MIDAS Utilities will perform post installation, internal television inspections. Each reach of pipe will also have audio description with appropriate stationing of services indicated. The data and stationing will be recorded on video. All inspections will be performed by MIDAS Utilities personnel that are trained in locating breaks, obstacles and service connections via CC/TV methods.

Technical Envelope

Pipe Envelope: HPDE, Meeting ASTM F714
Diameters: 6” – 48”
Pipe Joining Method: Butt-fusion by certified technicians
Reference Standards:
ASTM D 1238-99, ASTM D 1505-98,
ASTM D 790-00, ASTM D 638-99,
ASTM D 618-99, ASTM D 2837-98a,
ASTM D 575