Midas Companies Recognized by Baltimore City for Mentoring Local Minority-Owned Businesses

Utility company recognized for its efforts to help Baltimore businesses grow and thrive

August 14, 2018 – Baltimore, MD – Midas Companies was recognized by Catherine E. Pugh, Mayor of the City of Baltimore and Mr. Rudy Chow, Director of the Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW), on Friday for its work mentoring minority-owned businesses in and around Baltimore City, providing the necessary guidance and training to help the companies launch their underground utility services for the City.

Midas has a long history of providing mentoring and onsite job training to help local minority-owned companies jump start their business, offering guidance on operating and growing a utility company in the area. In addition to providing hands-on training, Midas has shared its professional relationships and offered budgeting tips to help companies affordably obtain equipment, and provided demonstrations for best utilizing the equipment on job sites. In partnership with Baltimore City, Midas has also offered safety training courses at no cost to the companies.

“Midas has worked hard to help repair and strengthen the city’s infrastructure and has often partnered with minority-owned businesses to help make that happen,” said Hank Norris, Midas’s Executive Vice President. “We are committed to helping those businesses thrive and be able to continue to serve Baltimore and its needs.”

“I commend Midas for all that they are doing to empower local entrepreneurs and minority-owned businesses of Baltimore City,” said Mayor Catherine E. Pugh. “We are especially grateful to Midas for educating others about their very specialized expertise and capabilities that have led to their success as a leading provider of rehabilitation services and industrial infrastructure throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.”

Such mentoring and training has helped businesses such as Grace Management, an underground construction company being recognized along with Midas Companies, evolve in the industry to better provide services throughout the region. Mayor Pugh and Mr. Chow have been actively working to help minority-owned businesses develop key relationships within the City through the DPW’s Growth by Design Small Business Development Program, with efforts focused on creating opportunities to develop businesses.

“Midas has a longstanding history of providing underground utility services in Baltimore, and our knowledge of the City and our established relationships with Baltimore’s DPW affords us the ability to give back to the community through our efforts to mentor other businesses,” said Dan Cathell, Midas’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are honored to be recognized by the City of Baltimore along with Grace Management, a company which, thanks to the efforts of Hank Norris, we are fortunate to have worked closely with and look forward to working with even more in the future.”

The recognition ceremony took place at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, August 10th on Paca Street in downtown Baltimore.

About Midas Companies

Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Capitol Heights, Maryland, Midas offers a comprehensive portfolio of rehabilitation services and products for critical water, wastewater and industrial pipe infrastructure throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions, with an expanding reach into the western United States. The Company’s suite of specialty services encompasses trenchless solutions, flow control and utility (traditional dig) for complete turnkey solutions. For more information, please visit the company’s website at www.midascompanies.com.