Sewer Bypass Pumping

Every major repair to a water or waste flow system requires bypass pumping to maintain temporary service while the damaged pipe is being repaired. Our bypass systems decrease downtime for manufacturing processing facilities to ensure systems are able to keep running smoothly, and they limit the impact on local residents in the case of sewer or water main breaks.

Midas guarantees full service with the design, installation and operation of a complete bypass system, helping to ensure continued service for your customers while the sewer repairs are being completed.

We provide on-site pump supervisors 24/7 to ensure the pumps never fail, bypass lines don’t leak and sewer plugs perform as specified.


  • Municipal
    • Sewer bypass and pump watch
    • Lift station back-pumping
    • Sludge removal
    • Flood or stormwater drainage
    • Well point dewatering
    • Construction dewatering
  • Energy & Industrial
    • Pumping industrial wastewater
    • Process water
    • Pump watch
    • Construction dewatering
    • Oil and gas water transfer
    • Manufacturing byproduct effluent
  • Emergency Flood Control
    • Water or sewer main breaks
    • Hurricanes and other tropical events